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CaR aMp EqUaLiZeR ?????Help! Im a girl so i dont really know to much about this stuff and i was wondering if anyone new what would be the best kind of equalizer for a sub woofer system with 3 12”s and two amps with 3200 watts, 10 points to most help, thanx.

Posted by Danielle
eqAn equalizer is used to balance out peaks in the sound spectrum. Some EQs have bass boost and bass controll features.
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Graphic equalizer?What does this mean? 31 hz 62 hz 125hz 250 hz 500 hz 1k 2k 4k 8k and 16k?

Posted by Crazy man
eqWhen using a Graphic Equalizer, the Bands #’s on the front, for example 31Hz represents the Frequency the the Slider will affect. The Human Ear is said the hear from 20Hz (Hz meaning Low Freq. Or Bass) – 20kHz (kHz meaning High Freq. Or Treble) so the more Bands (10, 12,15, or more) the better the adjustment in the Frequencies. Most Equalizer when adjusting have an adjustment of 12dB of Boost or cut with a middle point of Flat. When adjusting a Freq., the Graphic Eq. Will either Cut, Boost or be set to Flat depending on the Listeners taste. Remember when adjusting the Eq. Frequencies, sound will vary from Music to Movies. The size of the Room, Number of Walls, Furniture, Listening position and quality of Speakers will play a big part in the final product or Mixdown.

Function of graphic equalizer?

Posted by Ken Ducay
eqBasically, a graphic equalizer is what it sounds like. You’ve got control over the equalization of your song, and a graphic display shows you the music (or whatever other sound you’re working with) and which areas of the frequency spectrum are being used. If you were looking at a bass guitar as it played through a graphic equalizer, you’d see lots of activity at the lower end, but little at the high end, and so on. There are also a number of bands that act as controls on the EQ. Usually, there are a limited number of bands. When there’s no limit to the number of bands, their placement, or their quotient (this means the extent of the change that the equalizer applies to the EQ of the song), that’s a parametric equalizer, which is far more powerful and some would argue more useful than a graphic equalizer. Graphic equalizers, in contrast, are limited by the number of different bands that they give you control over.

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